Main Conference 


1) Pain Management


A parallel session on pain management will be helmed by Prof Anthony Dickenson who will be speaking on pain pathways and review of evidence for neuropathic agents. Local experts will also be speaking on early opioid-sparing pain interventions and intrathecal treatment of cancer pain.


Prof Anthony Dickenson will also give a plenary talk on long term use of opioid in cancer and non-cancer patients.


2) Through Music and Art Making - Bring Your Inner World into Practice


This session, led by Ms Tammy Lim and Mr Calvin Pang, will demonstrate the evidence-based use of music and art making in accessing unconscious materials to get connected with the person inside one’s profession, and how these insights can be integrated into daily practice as a palliative healthcare professional. The presenters will also explain the theoretical background and philosophy of the selected modalities.


3) Mental Wellness in Palliative Care


Burnout rates are the highest among palliative care workers, with many leaving the field, thus worsening the manpower shortage and limited capacity in palliative care services. Research to address burnout and build resilience has been identified as one of the priority areas to explore. This session will feature completed, ongoing and potential local research projects on this topic, and will discuss their clinical relevance. Speakers include A/Prof Andy Ho, Dr Meryn Koh and Dr Lim Wen Phei.


4) Cancer Updates - Immunotherapy and Immunotoxicity


Principles of immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer will be presented by Dr Amit Jain; the content of this overview will be targeted at non-oncologists. Mechanisms of immune toxicities and specific toxicities will be discussed by Dr Frank Tay, Dr Samantha Yang, Dr Andrew Li, Dr Juanda Leo and Dr Mark Muthiah.